How to maintain teabag packing equipment

Herbal tea product packaging machine are commonly used in tea packaging, as well as some medicine and also other sectors which need to have within and also outside bag. Thus cleaning work is particularly crucial, after that exactly how to wash it properly?

1, frequently inspect the mechanical components as soon as a month, featuring the earthworm, earthworm post, oiling block bolts, bearings and also other tasks are part of the adaptable as well as wear ailments, discovered flaws ought to be actually immediately restored, certainly not compelled to utilize.

2, the maker must be actually positioned in a clean and clean in the house usage, not in the setting containing acids as well as various other acrid gasolines on the body system of making use of spots.

3, after making use of, you need to eliminate the rotating drum to well-maintained and also comb the continuing to be product within the bucket, then installed and also plan for following opportunity.

4, pouch packing machine factory when the drum in the job occurred just before and also after moving, please adjust the front bearing movement M10 screw to the appropriate area. If the gearwheel ray is actually moving, change the M10 screw to the necessary setting on the rear of the bearing frame, change the space to bring in the bearing no audio, hand sheave, elastic proper, as well tough or even too loose might damage the equipment.

5, if tools during outage for a very long time, the maker should be actually rubbed tidy the whole body system, the smooth component of the device covered along with anti-rust oil, with a good cloth.

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